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18 ways to sleep better

– Clean up your bedroom
– Cover up your clock radio
– Keep a low temperature in your bedroom
– Meditate
– Stay awake during daytime
– No caffeine before bedtime
– No alcohol before bedtime
– Turn off TV and computer before bedtime
– Take a walk before bedtime
– No food before bedtime
– Read before bedtime
– Listen to relaxing music
– Go to bed when you are tired
– Open the window in your bedroom if it’s quiet outside
– Leave your pets outside your bedroom
– Turn off your mobile before bedtime
– Get up and out of bed if you can’t sleep
– Get up and stay up at the same time every day

More on each tip:

Clean up your bedroom
If your bedroom contains the things needed for sleep your thoughts will be centered around sleeping. If it contains all kinds of things, like TV, computers, unfinished projects, your thoughts will be centered around that.

Cover up your clock radio
If you don’t have the opportunity to check what time it is, it is easier to just let it go and sleep instead.

Keep a low temperature in your bedroom
This has something to do with the physiology of humans. Low temperature induces sleep.

That big cloud of noisy thoughts will go away and it is easier to sleep when things are quiet, both outside your body, but also inside.

Stay awake during daytime
If you sleep during the day you will be able to stay up much longer in the evening because you won’t be tired until it’s very late. If you have to get up at the same time each day your total time of sleep will be less than what you need, and you will be tired. Then you will be sleepy until you are able to sleep a couple of hours, and the pattern repeats itself.

No caffeine before bedtime
You will mess up your natural hormone balance. There is a reason why you are tired. It is because your body needs sleep. If you ignore the needs of your body you are being greedy, and you will pay later with a bad health.

No alcohol before bedtime
Although you will soon feel tired alcohol interferes with your natural sleep pattern, which is bad for your health in the long run.

Turn off TV and computer before bedtime
Give your mind a break before bedtime. It is not time for worrying, getting excited, relating or getting ideas. It’s time to sleep.

Take a walk before bedtime
This is great way to restore your body’s natural hormone balance. Take a small slow walk of 15 minutes and feel the tiredness overwhelm you. If you can find someone to come along, it’s also a good way to get the last thoughts out of your head by a brief talk during the walk.

No food before bedtime
Avoid the excessive energy from too much sugar. If you have energy to burn you will feel an urge to get up and do something, but it’s time to sleep. You’re not supposed to feel hungry either, that could wake you up. So find the balance and sleep well.

Read before bedtime
When you read before bedtime it’s easier to feel when you are getting tired, compared to doing some physical activity. When your eyelids start to feel heavy and another page seems overwhelming it’s time to go to bed. It’s easier to see the signs of tiredness when you are reading.

Listen to relaxing music
Calmness of the mind can be induced by listening to relaxing music.

Go to bed when you are tired
It’s frustrating lying in bed and being unable to sleep. Avoid the frustration and stay up until your body tells you that it’s time to go to bed. If you don’t get to sleep enough because you were awake too long, don’t worry – you will be tired earlier the next evening. That is, if you get up at the same time every day, which is important.

Open the window in your bedroom if it’s quiet outside
Ah, fresh air, just what your brain needs and therefore preventing headaches. Bacteria thrives in places with high moisture so ventilation is important to keep a healthy place.

Leave your pets outside your bedroom
If possible install a pet door and let them take care of business in the night. Pets run their very own agenda in the night and it does not fit well together with your sleep pattern.

Turn off your mobile before bedtime
Avoid being thrown out of your restoring sleep because of some message that could easily wait until the next day. People somehow have more respect when calling the fixed line phone, and if it’s really important they can use that one instead.

Get up and out of bed if you can’t sleep
Avoid the frustrations of lying in bed and being unable to sleep. Get up and do something boring until you feel tired again. If you stay up too long to get enough sleep, don’t worry. You’ll be tired earlier the next evening. Remember to get up at the same time every day for this to work.

Get up and stay up at the same time every day
If you feel tired during the day resist the temptation to take a long nap, but go to bed early in the evening and get a long nights sleep. If you listen to you body in the evening it will tell you when it’s time to go to bed. When you get up at the same time every day, including weekends, your body will grow a habit of being wide awake soon after you get up in the morning. And that’s a really great way to live.

If you have other tips on how to sleep better please leave a comment.

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Fight stress with meditation

Meditation is a way to reconnect with your body and your inner mind. When I go through my daily routines giving a lot of consciousness focus to specific things for long periods of time, I’m not aware of the signals my body and inner mind are sending me. You could use the analogy of driving a car; you notice that the car is slowing down, but you don’t put in the effort to find out why this is happening. Then you push the gas pedal further down and everything is back to normal. Now, this will not last in the long run, and meditation is a way to pause and figure out what is really going on.
Sometimes when I finish my meditation I get overwhelmed by tiredness. Then I know I have been pushing to hard lately. At other times I just feel rested and peaceful, and new ideas surface to my awareness. Often I go “Duh! Why didn’t I think of that before?… It is so obvious.”

Other things I have noticed after meditating is that my blood pressure falls. It can get so bad after many days of hard work at the office that I can actually hear my heart beat in my ears even when I am apparently relaxing. When I’m done meditating I notice that something is missing – my heartbeat. But fortunately its still there just much more relaxed. Scary. Headaches are also fought with meditation, they often just disappear. When I have a nasty annoying tick near my eye I know I have been working to hard and meditation is usually the only way to fight it. For me meditation acts like a way to raise my awareness. I did a 30 day trial of daily meditation but half way through it I stopped. Things which I had been refusing to acknowledge for many years began to surface and I was swept of my feet. I wanted to change and starting to meditate was helping me do this. The scary part was not the meditation itself but realizing how blind I had chosen to be when looking at certain areas of my life. It was like many subtle signs present in my life just started growing, because I used meditation to quiet my mind. Now I know that the truth has always been there and I found a way to notice it by letting my inner mind come to play.

I prefer to meditate as close to the peak of my stress level as possible and that is best done when I come home from work. Find a place where you can be alone for 30 minutes and tell people that you would like some quiet time. Use earplugs to silence background noise that you can’t really do anything about. Find a comfortable chair that rests your upper back too. Loosen any tight clothes to give a good blood circulation. Set a timer or mobile phone alarm to 20 minutes.

Now close your eyes. Listen to your breathing. Notice your thoughts. What are you thinking about? In the beginning there will probably be a lot of different thoughts competing with each other. Just notice a thought, be aware of it and meet it with an inner “Okay…” Then move on to the next thought eager to grab you attention and “okay” it too. Then go through all your thoughts like this until they have all been silenced. Notice your breathing when there is no eager thoughts waiting, in order to keep you in the present moment. Do this until the timer sounds. Slowly open your eyes and notice how you feel.

Use these feelings to find out what you have been neglecting to do or what it is that you have overdone. Create more balance in your life by adapting your daily routines according to this new clarity. Maybe you need to follow through on a new idea that comes to mind that can take you forward. Perhaps move focus to other parts of your life that needs attention. Keep an open mind about whatever surfaces and enjoy the peace.