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dr.dk Ubuntu 11.04 Performance

Live TV streaming from the national danish television provider Danmarks Radio works perfectly well on my new Ubuntu 11.04 setup. The channels are available on their website dr.dk using a Flash-player of some sort.

It’s nice to see these improvements compared to the last years of endless problems with stalled streaming of web TV. Of course it’s also likely that the Linux / Ubuntu system has been improved to fix these issues, so thanks to both parties and two thumbs up!

To help me personally with setting up Flash on my Ubuntu box I’m using the Flash-Aid add-on for Firefox, and I’m able to watch all the channels in fullscreen perfectly, even on my lousy WLAN connection.

Note that the only way to watch these channels is probably by using a danish Internet service provider (ISP). I think the channels are limited to certain geographical areas, but don’t ask me how they do that 😉

System details:

  • Acer emachines E520
  • Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit, kernel 2.6.38
  • Firefox 4.0.1
  • Flash-Aid 2.1.1

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How to Fix Battery Problem on Sony Ericsson W995

The phone suddenly reported “Battery cannot be charged. You must use a Sony Ericsson battery” with an almost new Sony Ericsson battery installed. The status indications for signal and battery levels were both totally low.

I  fixed this problem using a software update tool from Sony Ericsson’s website called “Update Service”. This program for Windows is able to update the firmware on the phone without turning on the phone. If you try to turn on the phone it will act really weird unless you select flight mode.

I had to press and hold down the C key before I connected the USB cable to my PC. Then the program handles everything automatically. Conclusion: The battery is still okay, but the firmware went haywire.