Linux Mint 13 on ASUS eee PC 1015BX

Linux Mint Maya is now installed and running on my new ASUS eee PC model 1015BX. It came pre-installed with Windows 7 Starter, but I wanted a Linux only computer. The first installation try with Linux Mint Maya caused the computer to stop booting. UEFI was creating new challenges, and apparently UEFI has its own… Continue reading Linux Mint 13 on ASUS eee PC 1015BX

Top Ubuntu Linux Applications

A list of awesome applications to install on top of the standard Ubuntu installation: OCR easy-ocr GTD Getting Things Gnome! Word processing TextRoom Sound Audacity Internet BlogBridge gFTP Transmission BitTorrent client Skype Video VLC media player CAD Eagle Drawing Freemind Scanning Simple Scan

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